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Creating a New Project with a Form Template [Video Only]

This video looks at how to create a new project using a form template in the eFORMz Composer. Sample files are available here:


At 2:23 in the video, a dialog box is selected after selecting “Add form” from the page. This creates a pop-up with the options “From file” and “blank” in which the “From file” option is selected. In versions of eFORMz 11.01 and later, this process has changed slightly. After adding a form, a pop-up with the form’s properties page displays. Just click ok for default settings. Then, the user must right click on the “Blank” form and select “Replace form background”, which then creates the pop-up for the option “From file or blank”. This can then load in the sample_invoice.rtf that was used in the video.

[0:20] Adding a New Project
[6:05] Display Form & Data
[8:50] Tour of the Composer
[11:07] Editing the Form Template
[13:10] Reloading the Form Template
[14:05] Lining up the Data with the Offset Adjustment Toolbar
[19:05] Adding a Variable
[22:06] Adding a Barcode
[23:52] Adding an Image
[26:50] Printing & Outputting

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