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INETD_NT is a set of tools used to implement the features of MSJOB on Windows based servers. The core utility is a Windows service that handles TCP ports combined with license and security verification. Servers supported include Minisoft’s ODBC, JDBC, and OLEDB servers for Eloquence. You can also write your own service using a custom application that references the Network Interface (NIF.dll).

To support the need for an MSJOB/inetd equivalent on Windows Serves, Minisoft has created a set of applications titled INETD_NT. These files work together to provide a platform for using Minisoft Middleware servers (ODBC, JDBC and OLEDB) on Windows Servers. The middleware servers will connect to Eloquence databases and flat files.

  1. Unzip the files into a directory on the server. The samples shown use C:\MINISOFT\INETD_NT\
  3. Report the SYSTEM ID values to your Minisoft sales office. In the JDBC example below, the values are “220211 / 261337”.
  4. You will be provided with a License Code to use with your system.
  5. The sample shows the service as being started automatically on each reboot and listening on port 30005.
  6. The port 30001 can be used by the server console application (SERV32.EXE) to view current activity.
  7. You can start the listening service without restarting by starting the service MSSERVER_JDBC from the local system services control.




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