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Troubleshooting eFORMz Slow Performance

Numerous conditions can impact performance, so many possible solutions exist. The following list includes some of the most common conditions to impact performance.

  • The printer is inadequate for the task you gave it. Call Minisoft for printer recommendations to meet your business requirements.
  • Network congestion or other network complications delay sending your print job.
  • The eFORMz project creates spool files that are extremely large because it contains hundreds or thousands of orders, or because excessive or poorly-sized images are used.
  • The eFORMz project includes inefficient or multiple database queries. Perhaps the database has insufficient available connections, causing eFORMz to wait until a connection is available.
  • The eFORMz project does not check for data files to process frequently enough. Call Minisoft for help determining the best configuration for your environment.
  • The message logging fence is too low, which results in excessive logging overhead. The logging fence should be 8 for production systems.
  • Your project is not set up to correctly delete old files. As a result, many thousands of old files clog up performance
  • The Director Toolkit configuration file is inefficient. Each queue in the configuration file runs in its own thread. If you process .xml, .zpl, and other files from \Miniosft\eFORMz_6\Input in one queue, it is slower than using three queues, each running in its own thread.

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