Minisoft Announces Partnership with Sologlobe

eFORMz Enhances SOLOCHAIN™ Warehouse Management System Users’ Outbound Shipping Documents
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—November 30, 2017—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generation, document application development, transactional email, two-sided thermal label and multi-carrier shipping solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sologlobe, providers of SOLOCHAIN™, a world class, web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), with implementation sites spanning the globe.

Sologlobe has embedded eFORMz, Minisoft’s  powerful forms and label generation solution, to its cloud-based WMS solution. SOLOCHAIN users can leverage all of the features and functionality of eFORMz to generate outbound shipping documents, streamlining business processes and reinforcing corporate brands.

About Sologlobe

Since 1997, Sologlobe has been developing and implementing their best-of-breed supply chain optimization systems. SOLOCHAIN is a world class Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), with implementation sites spanning the globe. This solution allows manufacturing as well as logistics companies to optimise their operations across the supply chain. SOLOCHAIN is a web-based application that provides a scalable and easily adaptable platform, that integrates the latest technologies. Fast, intuitive user interfaces translate into better control, increased mobility and a more productive work force. We are committed to providing the best solutions for supply chain and material management. We believe in innovation, knowledge, leadership and integrity. Our people are industry and solutions experts. Driven and dedicated management professionals lead a team of software and logistics engineers with the focus on one mission: Provide the best material management solution that creates real, tangible benefits that translate into increased value for your company.

About Minisoft

Headquartered in Snohomish, Washington, Minisoft is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering forms and label generationtransactional email and multi-carrier shipping solutions. Minisoft also produces connectivity and middleware tools for legacy business systems such as IBM iSeries and Hewlett Packard. Since 1983, Minisoft has prided itself on providing innovative software technology. Driven by the experiences and feedback of our customers, Minisoft continues to affirm its mission of delivering superior software solutions.

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