eFORMz is certified for NetSuite 2022.1

eFORMz® has been “Built for Netsuite” since NetSuite 2016.2
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—February 1, 2022—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generationdocument application developmenttransactional email, transactional two-sided label and multi-carrier shipping solutions, is pleased to announce that eFORMz is officially certified for use with NetSuite 2022.1.

Minisoft’s eFORMz has officially been built for NetSuite (BFN) since the 2016.2 release and has been approved in every subsequent release. eFORMz is listed as a hybrid suite app at SuiteApp.com. Minisoft is also pleased to be attending SuiteWorld 2022, September 26-29, in Las Vegas. 

For more information on eFORMz, check out the following: eFORMz for NetSuite

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