Take control of spool files and reports to any networked printer.


The host-based network print spooler that extends HP e3000, Unix, and Windows NT spooling to networked printers

Send Output to Remote Destinations

Operating as a background task on the HP 3000, NetPrint transparently sends output to remote destinations such as TCP/IP configured printers, file server print queues (either Novell or Windows NT), UNIX or other HP 3000s. In fact, NetPrint can print to any “PINGable” IP address, whether on a local LAN or the other side of the world!

Manage Printers

NetPrint gives you MPE-like control over the networked printers from an HP session, allowing users to control which files print and in what order, as well as to pause, suspend, and resume printing. NetPrint also features the ability to send PCL environment files with spoolfiles, allowing an unlimited number of forms to be printed on a single printer.

Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Features

Other features include a BOOTP program, NetWare NLMs and LPD support to allow access to printers attached to a UNIX system or a PC running an LPD server. NetPrint can also balance the print load by automatically sending jobs to idle printers.


NetPrint requires no additional hardware; the only requirement on the host is ThinLAN 3000/iX Network Link (which is free with MPE/iX 5.0). Prices for NetPrint start at just $995 (price not valid outside North America).

Compare NetPrint with the Hewlett Packard network printing solution:

Feature / Function NetPrint Hewlett Packard
Novell file server YES NO
Windows NT server YES NO
Unix, using LPD protocol YES NO
Bi-directional printing from Novell, Unix, LPD YES NO
External print servers (including external JetDirect) YES NO
Page-level print control COMPLETE LIMITED