Software Licensing

Is your company legally licensed?

Minisoft’s commitment to our customers.

We at Minisoft know how important reliable, robust, forms and label generation, transactional emailCRMconnectivity and middleware tools are to your business. It’s also the main reason we continue to support, maintain, and improve our product line.

Who owns the software?

Computer software is intellectual property that’s owned by the people who created it. Without the express permission of the manufacturer or publisher, it is illegal to use software no matter how you got it. That permission almost always takes the form of a license from the publisher that accompanies authorized copies of software. When you “buy” software, what you’re really doing in almost every case is purchasing a license to use it. Rather than owning the software, you acquire limited rights to use, reproduce, and distribute the program, according to the terms spelled out in the license. Normally, a licensed copy of a program can be installed and used on only one computer at a time, although there are usually provisions allowing you to make a “backup” copy for archival or disaster recovery purposes. If you don’t comply with the terms of the license – for example, by installing the same copy of a single-user program on several computers – that’s software piracy. The publisher can take legal action against you or your business. (Copyright ©2002, The Software & Information Industry Association)

Why should you maintain legal licensing of Minisoft software?

When times are tough some companies get lazy with their software licensing. This not only hurts Minisoft, but it also exposes you and your company to legal liability. Under “vicarious liability” of the US Copyright Act, an employer is liable for acts committed by its employees when those acts are within the scope of their employment duties. A party who does not do an infringing act but who aids or encourages it is also liable for the infringement.

What are the civil penalties for copyright infringement?

Fines for this infringement can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Legally licensing Minisoft products is a fraction of this cost and is worth the effort.

What are the maximum criminal penalties for copyright infringement?

In the US, the infringer could be fined up to $250,000 and jail terms of up to five years.

Are Minisoft licenses transferable?

(Call your Minisoft salesperson for your options.)

    CUSTOMER is prohibited from selling, leasing, sublicensing or
otherwise in any manner, directly or indirectly assigning,
transferring or disposing of the LICENSED SOFTWARE (or any rights
therein or with respect thereto) in whole or in part, or permitting
its use by any third person or organization, and any of the
aforesaid acts by CUSTOMER, as well as those by operation of the
law, shall be void.

Minisoft Support

Minisoft  offers annual contracts for product updates on all software products. The purchase of a Minisoft software product is a (Right to Use) software license of the released version at the time of purchase. A current support contract entitles you to any and all software updates for the licensed product(s) specified in your support contract. Software Updates are available from our web site. Included with the purchase of a support contract is the use of our Toll Free 800 number, and support email. Days and Hours of support coverage are Monday through Friday 7:30am (Pacific) until 5:00pm (Pacific).  When a support contract is purchased or renewed, an update may be downloaded from the Minisoft Website. In cases where a valid support contract expires, back support is charged to bring the support account current.

How do you make your licenses legal?

We make it easy for Minisoft and WRQ’s Reflection users to get their licensing legal. Just give us a call and talk with your Minisoft salesperson. We promise that it will be easy and cost effective.

For organizations that have purchased companies with licenses of Minisoft host or client based products we will usually re-license the new company for the cost of support. (Costs will vary, based on the status of the support contract of the former company)

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