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Add order number in the white space of each Duplex PackSlip label

Minisoft received reports of a few instances where Duplex PackSlip labels detached from packages. Usually the tear strip and entire 4″ x 6″ label is gone, while the adhesive-backed outside part of the label remains. Investigation concluded that a common factor is significant force and dynamic friction across the label, sometimes accompanied by a box that lost its rigidity. As a result, please take the following precautions:

  • Avoid subjecting labels to excessive dynamic friction. This includes placing labels on tops of boxes and sliding boxes across the top of the label, and stacking boxes so high or so tightly together that the box shape is significantly deformed.
  • Print the order number or other unique identifier on the top or bottom of your label. These areas have adhesive backing and are not detached. If the label detaches from the box, the adhesive-backed portion remains. Printing the order number allows you to identify its contents and intended recipient if the box is returned without a shipping label. You can easily add the order number as digits or a barcode using a rule in the eFORMz Composer. The following image shows the value from REF1 placed immediately below the tear strip:

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