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Change the Font on a Form

You can change the font of specific text on a form, or you can change the font used in an entire form. You must first determine how the text whose font you want to change is placed on the form:

  • As a constant text
  • As a variable in either a document template or a rule
  • As non-variable text in a document template
  • Form overlay text

Constant text: Right click the constant > Edit > Change font. Make your changes, click OK to close the open Windows.

Variable used within a document template: Find where the variable is placed in the document template. Right click the Content object that places the text > Edit > Font. Change the font, click OK, and save your project.

Variable placed with a rule: Find the rule that places the variable. Right click the Place Text object > Edit > Change font. Change the font, click OK, and save your project.

Text used within a document template: If your project places text with a Document Template, you can right click an object (the Document Template, Table, Box, Paragraph, etc.) and update the default font to change the font for text that object contains that uses the default font.

Form overlay text: A form overlay is when your project uses a form to place text from a file directly onto the form. Right click the form > Font. Change the font, click OK, and save your project.

Be certain to thoroughly test your update. Changing fonts can result in unanticipated results, such as columns out of alignment or text too large for its field.



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