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Conditionally Suppressing Data

eFORMz includes an easy way to suppress an area of data from an input file. However, you cannot place conditions on suppressed data areas. One way to conditionally suppress data is to create a rule with a condition:

  1. Select the data area to suppress and create a variable as explained in Positional Data Block Variables.
  2. Create a Place Text rule to place the data that the variable in Step 1 contains. (Video: New rule-based eFORMz project)
  3. Add a condition on the Place Text rule. (Video: Adding a Condition)

Another way is to copy the form and put conditions on the form:

  1. Copy the form with the suppressed data as explained in Copy/Paste Document Template Elements.
  2. Suppress the data in one form, and remove the suppression in the other.
  3. Add a condition to each form.  (Video: Adding a Condition)

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