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eFORMz CloudPrint Agent


eFORMz CloudPrint is a desktop application built with activeFORMz used to communicate with the eFORMz Cloud Platform. It allows clients to process print jobs stored in a remote print queue. eFORMz CloudPrint users configure the default printer, remote print queue, check-in interval and other settings through a UI on the desktop. These settings are then used by a background service to monitor and execute remote print jobs. Multiple eFORMz CloudPrint agents can exist in a single organization. Each organization will have their own dedicated eFORMz Cloud platform instance that allows them to view remote print queue(s) and known printer status. 


eFORMz CloudPrint Service – A background service that periodically checks a remote print queue for print jobs.

eFORMz CloudPrint Tray Application – Desktop Tray application which allows a user to configure settings such as default printer, check-in interval, proxy information, etc.

eFORMz Cloud Remote Print Queue – Web-based view of remote print tasks. This web page provides a real-time view of items in the remote print queue.

eFORMz Cloud Remote Printer Status – Web-based view of printers and their current status. This web page shows all default printers currently in use/assigned to eFORMz CloudPrint applications.

Remote Print Queue

The remote print queue is accessed via an HTTP(S) request. If a print job is available, the request returns a print payload to the eFORMz Cloud Print Service. The payload is then sent to the printer assigned to the default printer setting.


Identification – Specify username/password. The username/password is used to identify a request.

Proxy – Optional feature which allows user to set proxy information to connect to remote queue

Printer List/Selection – Displays a list of “known” printers and allows the user to select a default printer for print jobs

Printer Status Monitoring – Checks status of default printer and sends an update to the eFORMz Cloud Platform. It reports if the printer is available, offline, there’s low toner, etc.

eFORMz Web Service URL

eFORMz Web Service Check-in Interval

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