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Modify FontSpecs_User.xml file to include mappings to native ZPL Fonts

Only two instances can exist: FontSpecs.xml and the user-editable version, FontSpecs_User.xml. The file FontSpecs.xml must exist and should not be edited as it is part of the eFORMz version distribution. FontSpecs_User.xml is the user-editable version and will not be removed or replaced on uninstall or update. FontSpecs_User.xml can be edited to include mappings to native ZPL Fonts. This may be necessary as non-native fonts in a ZPL file will be rendered as images. Detection of the font type is based on the ZPLFont attribute of each font. For more information on working with ZPL files, consult the following post: eFORMz Support for Reading Zebra Printer Language (ZPL) Files

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