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Panther Print & Apply Conveyor/Print System Integration

Panther Industries is an engineering-based manufacturer of Automated Labeling Equipment including Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply Systems and associated products. Panther Industries is a Minisoft Technology Partner.

Typical flow: 

  • Orders are imported from the business system.
  • New orders are shipped automatically using eFORMz ShipFX module.
  • Tracking number and shipping labels for shipments are stored in a local database.
  • Warehouse teams use activeFORMz web screens to print bulk pick tickets and monitor shipping progress.
  • As picked items are run through the conveyor system, the item label is automatically scanned by the system.
  • The shipment’s packing slip and the shipping label are automatically printed and applied to the carton.

For more information on how eFORMz integrates with Auto-Applicators, consult the following post: Material Handling Equipment (MHE)/Auto-Apply Support

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