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Pitney Bowes SendSuite® Live Integration

Pitney Bowes SendSuite® Live is a web-based transportation management system which outputs labels in Zebra Printer Language (ZPL) format. SendSuite Live uses Pierbridge shipping technology.

General integration

What is described below is an integration for the on-premise Send Suite Live multi-carrier shipping solution. Similar configurations can be used to produce shipping labels with our ShipFX product via the Pitney Bowes API, Easypost API, UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, Canada Post, Purolator and DHL.

  • A barcode is scanned, with data being sent to eFORMz via web services or placed in a directory that eFORMz can access. Data in the barcode provides information to either produce or gather information required for a particular shipment (to, from, service, carrier, package dimensions/weight, billing information, etc.)
  • eFORMz gathers all of the required shipment information by connecting to databases, preferably with a stored procedure, web services or pulling from files on the network, all configurable and customizable, to fill in an XML template to produce a label with SendSuite Live.
    • Extra steps here may involve a translation table to translate certain values to those appropriate for SendSuite Live (e.g. Ship Service passed to eFORMz is: “FedEx Ground” would be translated to 383, carrier 49 for FedEx Web Services).
  • The filled-in XML template is then posted to SendSuite Live. The response contains a label in ZPL format, tracking info, rates, etc.
  • The response is parsed. ZPL can then be rendered to any output format (ZPL, EPL, IPL, PCL, PDF, etc.) and sent off to the printer.
    • A database update, web service call, flat file update, email, etc. can be added to upload tracking number, or error information where needed.

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