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Platform-Specific Jar Folders

There are four subfolders under the eFORMz_6 > jars folder in a standard Windows eFORMz install.

Three of these subfolders contain platform-specific jar files (AS400, Local and Unix).  The licenses subfolder contains text files of open source licenses. eFORMz always looks in eFORMz_6 > jars first, then eFORMz_6 > jars > Local. When additional jar files are needed, they should be included in the relevant platform-specific subfolder. This is because everything in the platform-specific subfolder is moved to jars > Local on the machine in question. For example, everything in the Unix subfolder is moved to jars > Local on a Unix box. Likewise, everything in the AS400 subfolder is moved to jars > Local on an AS400. If the jar files being added aren’t operating system-specific, they should be placed in the eFORMz_6 > jars so as to be deployed correctly.

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