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Ship/FX Administration: Add a new account/new provider

Note: You must use eFORMz 11.03.13 or later in order to use the database for carrier credential storage and to interact with the ShipFX Admin page. The following error may occur when running an older version: ** com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException Query was empty

Note 2: After making any changes to the profile’s configuration, the eFORMz Service must be restarted.

To get started with Ship/FX, follow the instructions here: Ship/FX Integration. For more details on implementing Ship/FX, consult the following: Ship/FX

Video tutorial available here: Ship/FX Admin: Add a new account and provider

Add a new account

Connect to the Ship/FX Admin: https://{localhost}:8000/aFORMz/SHIPFXAdmin

From the menu to the left, select Configuration.

Add a new account.

After adding the account, select the account from the Accounts field.

Add a new profile

Add a new profile

Select the new profile from the Account field.

From the Profile Configuration, select a provider.

Select the provider from the Profile field.

Add a carrier, including authentication credentials (Access Key, User ID, Password).

Add the service and carrier account(s) (Account Number).

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