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Using eFORMz to identify printers that are not working

One way to identify printers that are not working is to monitor the files. One such use case would be using eFORMz to monitor CUPS queue size and spool file age. The open source solutions for this require time to configure for routine monitoring. To determine if a printer is working, it’s simply a matter of getting a notification when some threshold is past a certain number or the age of spooled files. eFORMz can be used to get and process the lists of spool files.


The zip file above contains a simple script which is called by a timed process under eFORMz. The script will create a file containing the list of spool files available for a printer and the time it was created. An eFORMz project can parse this file and create an email with information about the queue if the files have been waiting too long or an excessive number of files are waiting. The sample project and data file are also in the zip file.

To implement this, place the script in an executable location, establishing the Director Toolkit Queue to create the spool file list per queue, and finish the project to send notifications. Please contact Minisoft support if you have any questions.

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