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WardKraft Peeler for the SATO GY412

Using the reinforced version of the DuplexPackSlip label, NTDPS0500-0800, is a requirement for use with the WardKraft Peeler for the SATO GY412. Use of any other label will void the warranty on the WardKraft peeler unit. Also there are some recommended settings from WardKraft for the peeler unit, found here: Instructions

To learn more about the WardKraft Peeler for the SATO GY412, please watch the following introductory video. For more details, contact Minisoft sales.


Below you will find videos walking you through loading Sato GY412 printers with and without peeler units. You will also find a video showing you how to bypass the peeler unit on a Sato GY412. To do this, you will need a Philips screw driver and 1/8 allen wrench, as well as 2 short 3mm screws.

Loading Sato GY412 with Peeler Unit

Sato GY412 with Peeler Unit printing

Sato GY412 with Peeler Bypass Tutorial

Loading Sato GY412 after bypassing peeler

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