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Which eFORMz Objects Can Have Conditions?

You can place conditions on the following objects:

  • Forms
  • Document Templates
  • Document template objects including tables, boxes, paragraphs, rows, cells, etc.
  • Pre-condition and post-condition procedures
  • Rules

The following objects cannot have conditions:

  • Variables
  • Functions on variables
  • Constants
  • Attributes of objects, such as cell width or row height

Question: What if I want a cell of a table to have a conditional width?
Answer: Create the cell twice, once with a normal width and once with an exception width. Put a condition on each cell.

Question: How do I create a conditional horizontal or vertical line?
Answer: The best way to have a line with a condition is to create a box with a border on one side and no content. Put the condition on the box. If you want underlined text, underline is an attribute of a text Content object within the Document Template, and you can select single or double underlining for the text. You can add a condition directly to Content objects.

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