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iSeries Integration (AS/400)

The following steps must be completed to get eFORMz going on your iSeries system:

  1. Register and download eFORMz from
  2. Install eFORMz on Windows. eFORMz is initially installed with a temporary license. To purchase a license, send a request to
  3. Install eFORMz to your iSeries system as explained in Install eFORMz on AS/400.
  4. Initialize your eFORMz license.
  5. Add printers and configure the Director as explained in Set Up the AS/400 Director.
  6. Optionally, update your startup program to start the Director when the system IPLs as explained in Add eFORMz Director to the Startup Program. If you do not complete this step, you must manually start the Director each time the system IPLs.


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